I ground my approach in three foundations: attunement, awareness, and integration. Attunement is a person’s responsiveness to whatever experience one goes through at that time. I support with compassion, curiosity about your sense of the world, and sincere questions about what’s meaningful to you. Awareness is a shared element combining observations, reflections, and ongoing discussions about whatever arises— ideas, memories, challenges, emotions, and choices shared in dialogue. What may emerge for some ( though not all ) is a new way of relating to therapy and to life’s journey. My curiosities include how one may encourage self-coherence, social engagement, mindfulness, and integration.* That final piece, “integration”, is how and where one can apply what’s been uncovered into daily choices in living.

One way to step into your life is to practice asking yourself, What’s happening for me right now? Another approach is to view this journey as a process of recovery ( from suffering ) and discovery ( of resources )— What am I hurting from? What does support look like for that? Through this lens, any person is capable of re-entering a recovery-discovery process continually, any day, in each moment. This process can become a very real daily practice.

Historically, I’ve supported folks entering life transitions, coping with stressful environments, dealing with relationship challenges, &or struggling creatively. Wherever you are in your journey, I’m looking forward to meeting you there.

{ see also: Where is an individual along their “Stages of Change“? }

{ * As a reference for my curiosity about applying attunement and awareness in therapy, please see: Siegel, Daniel J., 
The Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being. 1st ed., W. W. Norton,
(2007). [ pages 78, 172, 178, 193, & 201 ] }

link to: The Mindful Brain

Chris Doorley AMFT
Chris Doorley AMFT thanks Dan Meyers for this foggy tree photo which appears rich with uncertainty / discovery.