[ aka “The Transtheoretical Model” ]

A theorical approach asking, ‘What might be possible?’

For some people, support may begin with a theoretical inquiry: What is my relationship to change? Below is a graphic— the “Stages of Change” wheel— to help envision what may be possible, what’s challenging, and what could be next. Most folks are between two adjacent spheres in their journey, such as the “Contemplation” and “Preparation” phases of planning on the way to “Action”. Your personal positioning depends on your individual situation, outlook, and support resources. For whatever change could be possible for you, where do you see yourself on this wheel?

[ image courtesy of—“The Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH)”

( retrieved online 2023-09-28 )  @ https://ighhub.org/toolkit/subchapter/stages-change ]