I have worked with teens, couples, families, and individuals since 2016. Common themes have included attention to how anxiety and depression may arise in context for both teens and adults; facilitation for artists, creators, and makers on unlocking one’s creative gifts; work with couples around communication styles, boundaries, and acceptance; help with individuals of all ages with substance use, moderation, abstinence, and harm reduction; Jungian dreamwork (analyzing dreams from an archetypal / symbolic perspective); and support to explore grieving, loss, and later possibilities for growth. While this is a summary, it describes an outline of the work I continue doing.


I offer adolescents and pre-teens plenty of choice and responsibility about their own wellness. In my experience, these help to build creativity around how to deal with stress, confusing thoughts, and intense emotion. Among some skill building we can try might be discussing personal resources like music, visual arts, writing/reading, movement, outdoors, friends, family, how to communicate, and knowing when or who to ask for help. I really appreciate working with teens and pre-teens because they’re ahead of the curve in discovering how to navigate life’s journey— challenging to us all. And, this is a good time to be young because there are so many types of support available right now.


Couples come to me with plenty of complexity, so I’m familiar with slowing things down so we can make sure everyone gets heard in detail. Most importantly, I practice listening with you, because deep listening is a practice to hone in relationships, benefitting from some repetition. My work combines a systems approach (i.e. wider awareness) with regulation strategies, intentional compassion, body awareness, cognitive mindfulness, and narrative therapies. One foundational goal simply will be to practice communicating needs.