For those curious about Carl Gustav Jung’s work, my background includes Master’s studies in Jungian Dreamwork Analysis with Rachel Vaughan (MFT, MA), at California’s Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS. I have supported a number of clients interested in Jung’s dream symbology and archetypal inquiries. And, I’ve worked with many individuals curious about such Jungian concepts as the archetypal figures of “self”, “shadow”, “wise elder”, and “trickster” (among others). Because archetypes, dream work, and our collective unconscious are modalities I’m asked about, and that I’ve seen open up new pathways for people’s sense of curiosity and discovery, I’m motivated to facilitate this exploration for the appropriate situations. If it sounds like a match for your personal journey, please let me know if you’d like to try a free 30-minute consultation to gauge rapport. You can reach me via my “Contact” page.