[ partial list compiled with clients; last updated: 2023 ] :

Recovery Dharma* (Fridays + Sundays @ SF Dharma Collective— Buddhist model, peer-support format)

Life Ring* (various— secular model, peer-support format)

Refuge Recovery* / aka “DharmaPunx” (Tuesdays @ SF Gratitude Center— Buddhist model, peer-support format) 

SMART Recovery* (various— CBT model, peer-support format)

Dharma in Recovery (Mondays— online only through SF Zen Center)

* As far as I know, the first four out of those five providers are back to both in-person and online meetings (check websites to confirm); ALL offer alternative models to 12-step. Of course, there are more offerings out there, but this list has been vetted by people I’ve spoken to directly. Hoping that feels supportive to you at this time. 


[ a sample ]

The Addicted Mind— “The Neuroscience of Addiction” ( Sep 18, 2023 episode )

Addiction Unlimited— “Coping With Cravings” ( Aug 23, 2023 episode )

[ out-patient & in-patient; partial list ] :

   Alta Mira Recovery Programs (Sausalito)

   Bayside Marin Treatment Center (San Rafael)

   Marina Harbor Detox (San Francisco)

{ Each of these centers describes their services as in-patient residential, with medically assisted detox, and “holistic” care. You may notice that these three are more expensive than other programs that focus on 12-step recovery, and that is typical. In general, most 12-step programs are targeted, not holistic (which makes them less expensive). If you’d like a longer list including more affordable 12-step choices, I can facilitate that as well. Contact me. Hope that feels supportive. Best wishes in wellness.   –Chris Doorley }